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Good color, and great focus. I wish I had a camera that would let me get such a good focus, mine all seem to blur the foreground, and I...

by L-Y-N-S

Good level of expression. I must ask, do you intentionally not put in pupils? Because it seems mildly distracting? Not to the point tha...

The action of the scene is done well, there's a good sense of motion with the positioning of the characters and the ghosted wings and w...

I mean... wowee. It really even looks like a glossy photograph. It's stellar! I love the mood, and Scootaloo's facial expression is FLA...


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I'm feeling exceptionally, top-notch, weapons-grade misanthropic right now. This has little to do with the election, but a wide-spread perfect storm of things. People worry about the future of humanity? Well, frankly, I'm not sure humanity deserves to continue. I don't worry about Trump. I worry about things from all over.

Taharrush jamai cover ups in Germany at the beginning of the year. Black Lives Matter assaults and the super-hostile anti-police environment that has been generated that has me fearing for the health and safety of friends and family's lives. Closing down of abortion clinics having people around the nation risking either illegal, dangerous terminations to prevent a child from living a life in poverty or other dire consequences.

Everyone's up in arms over this election, but you know what? This is everyone's fault. Trump may not be the best candidate for the job, but Hilary was not great either. And you know what? DNC, you did this to yourselves. There's been nothing but frustration coming from the idea of the establishment. You pushed a solid establishment candidate when you had the person who could beat Trump and you shunned him.

This is not a case of sexist voters. This is a case of tired voters, and it's your own fault.

I am not republican. I am not going to broadcast who I actually did vote for. I will tell you I didn't like either candidate. But that's not even that big of a deal. I've been a pretty quiet spectator for a couple of years of seeing large quantities of people acting like entitled selfish arrogant jerks, widespread. No wonder I'm so tired all the time. This world is full of terrible people and I am speaking up here and now.

Before anyone panics and thinks I'm going to do something dangerous to myself or anyone else, I'm not. I'm just frustrated and sometimes a bubble has to pop. Nobody is innocent here. I'm sure the next few months will be the blame game, and then a new four year cycle of bad decisions can start anew. I'm not surprised. I'm not even disappointed. I'm used to it at this point. I'm only 26, and I'm used to the idea that nothing ever changes. Nothing ever changes for good, anyway. Enjoy your next for years, everyone. You did this to yourselves.

Part 1:  Dream GardenI figured I'd end may with a dream garden feature.
This is a collection of plants and decorations  I'd love to fill my garden with  (or currently do have.)

Flower - Orange and Red Calla Lilly in the Garden by figurephenatixWith A Blossom Like That? by m-mayhem
Spoon Daisy (Osteospermum) by FeralWhippetOsteospermum by FireFlyExposedOrnithogalum dubium by emerkoOrnithogalum Dubium by DuchesseOfDusk
May 16th by FramedByNatureAnt's Eye View by parallel-pamalstromeria by petalouda1980Aster III by VinayRao
aster 3 by ernest-artAsphodel blooming by ShlomitMessicaCherry Blossom by starryeyedSTEPHplum by jyoujo
peach blossom by hartattackkkPear blossom by shuichimerylRubus chamaemorus II by nordfoldTasty purples by SarahharaS1
potato flower by chrisravensarJapanese Garden 4 by leopardwolfcrassula candy by FranticMezmerglobe thistle by Ingelore
Redhead Trifolium by WorldsInWorld:thumb326655788:Lantana by sara-satelliteLantana camara by drwhang
Japanese Maple Leaf by WindyLifeLilac Lobelia by Deb-e-annMagnolia by iNeedChemicalXechinacea by augenweide
Periwinkle by CecilyAndreuArtworkPeriwinkle Purple by JeanFanGerber Daisy by undercitylights317Colorful Gazania by JocelyneR
Dahlia by PenguinPhotography:thumb3

Tenebrionidae (Darkling beetle) by melvynyeo The Herbalist IV by snomanda Jewel beetle by ELKAPL HDR Beetle by FauxHead
Metallic Shield Bug by melvynyeo Wet Jewel by Zeitwolf Dead Rose Beetle by FauxHead Kricket Freddy Krueger by melvynyeo
Mole Cricket by Annaksunamoon Harvestman by melvynyeo Harvestman eating Mushroom by melvynyeo fox by miezbiez
Koi by DelMuro Come into my claws xD by Jorapache Japanese Garden 3 by cami-rox Spruce Cones by surrealistic-gloom
Lady Amherst's Pheasant by deseonocturno Golden Pheasant by deseonocturno Male American Goldfinch by JRd1st Bluejay by bmxer197
Bluejay by JestePhotography Northern Cardinal by Jay-Co Holly by Torkhelle Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk by hey-man-nice-shot
kestrel by littleredelf Red-winged Blackbird by Ryser915 Spring Grackle by 8TwilightAngel8 Crow (006) by Sikaris
Rainbow magpie by phalalcrocorax Green Magpie by cycoze Magpie in dandelions by Momotte2 Sparrow by silverwing-sparrow
Hummingbird by sunflowervlg Hummingbird by byCavalera Oriole by mydigitalmind Golden Oriole by RichardConstantinoff
Hooded Oriole by juddpatterson Bullock's Oriole by kayaksailor Pigeon by leo723 Thirsty Pigeon by UkoDragon
Well... Autumn Night by hpangel Moss On Fire by nele102<da:thumb id="181705752"/> Ancient Fountain by Hunter-Arkaman
Cinnamon Teal - 2 by bp2007 Duck-Day Baikal Teal Anas for. by webcruiser Winter mallard by NicoFroehberg Baby Duck on the Hunt by thrumyeye
dragonfly. by Le-Voyageur Dragonfly by nnIKOO Dragonfly by jamessayers Dragonfly by John-Peter
Heavenly blue damselfly by Stilleschrei Darkish blue damselfly by Stilleschrei Red Damselfly 01 by s-kmp damselfly by rok993
Elephant Hawk Moth Portrait by Sarahorsomeone Deilephila elpenor by Dark-Raptor A Flower for you by Kospero Caterpillar of the spurge (Hyles euphorbiae) by rajaced
Blinded Sphynx Moth by ShadeeWolf Blinded Sphynx Moth 2 by ShadeeWolf Moth... by SauriaMami Moth by pancakeday
Rosy Maple Moth 50D0000403 by Cristian-M Sphynx by mfr751 Sphynx Moth by Lanithion Sphynx Moth 2 by Gekiganfan
Small-Eyed Sphynx Moth by SorshaSavage Take A Quick Break by rynovault Citronella by Ninetails153 Bat Flower by theresahelmer
I look like a BAT by Tyuki-san Candy Corn Vine by KatrinaZ organic candy corn by luiza27 Christmas Cactus by Otoff
beautiful cactus flower by BlackEyesSnowAngel Cactus flower by Valentina-Remenar Golden Cactus Flower by gold-rose King rose strawflower 2 by greyrowan
Everlasting by Irena-N-Photography Of Joyous Colors by Jenna-Rose Mutant Gerbera Daisy of DOOM by RedShift-4mg 4 13 11 Mutant Gerbera by DeviantLadyAshley
4 13 11 Mutant Gerbera 4 by DeviantLadyAshley Amoeba by TheFarGrove IRIS by MartinAmm Foxglove by VampireGirl444
Pink Flowers by abenham Glowing by saraeo No Time For Tears by WishmasterAlchemist Pink and Fluffy by opheliareturns
Butterfly Weed by Tails-155 .summertime blues. by Foozma73

And while I definitely wouldn't want them that close to my house, I also love these guys.

Mama Scorpion by melvynyeo Scorpion with babies by melvynyeo Tailless whip scorpion - Amblypygi by ColinHuttonPhoto Whip Scorpion by melvynyeo

I may also include these, but they're more... waterborn than my ideal garden.

Gannett by weddige September's Pelican by makepictures Ibis by RichardConstantinoff Heron by ratinrage
The fishing of the egret by Momotte2 Osprey Flight by AirshowDave

Featured:  Dream Garden Pt. 2Part 1: 

Harvestman by melvynyeoHarvestman eating Mushroom by melvynyeofox by miezbiez
Koi by DelMuroCome into my claws xD by JorapacheJapanese Garden 3 by cami-roxSpruce Cones by surrealistic-gloom
Lady Amherst's Pheasant by deseonocturnoGolden Pheasant by deseonocturnoMale American Goldfinch by JRd1stBluejay by bmxer197
Bluejay by JestePhotographyNorthern Cardinal by Jay-CoHolly by TorkhelleJuvenile Red-tailed Hawk by hey-man-nice-shot
kestrel by littleredelfRed-winged Blackbird by Ryser915Spring Grackle by 8TwilightAngel8Crow (006) by Sikaris
Rainbow magpie by phalalcrocoraxGreen Magpie by cycozeMagpie in dandelions by Momotte2Sparrow by silverwing-sparrow
Hummingbird by sunflowervlgHummingbird by byCavaleraOriole by mydigitalmindGolden Oriole by RichardConstantinoff
Hooded Oriole by juddpattersonBullock's Oriole by kayaksailor


Tails-155's Profile Picture
Teirusu Reynard
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I like to try out various types of art. If you want to use full sized versions of any of my stuff for a project, just contact me by a note or a comment on the item and let me know! :heart:

I do lots of favoriting and am very passionate about art and music. Feel free to message me and chat! :aww:

DO NOT EXPECT LLAMAS FOR LLAMAS! Since I favorite and watch pretty easily, I want my llamas to be meaningful gifts I give to people who do something really awesome or helpful! If you receive a llama from me, you've really earned it! :la:

I REALLY want to thank everyone for favoriting my work... The volume is to the point, now, when I do my mass uploads that I can't thank everyone without getting marked for spam. As such, I can't thank you all independently now :(!

If you have favorited anything, from here on out, I REALLY thank you, and if there were no spam cap, I'd still probably dig through everything and thank you all. I may still try, but if you don't receive a message, I'm not being rude, I just can't thank everyone in any reasonable way! :noes:

My watchers are awesome! My favoriters are great! I just can't do it! I got 9 pages of favorites today (6/30/2012)! Definitely not complaining, but that'd be like, a day's worth of thank yous, since it's hard to tell when I can comment again.

I sincerely appreciate any and all support, and if I could hug you all, I would! :heart:

So, just because I don't thank you doesn't mean I don't 100% appreciate you doing what you have done for me. You don't have to, and the fact that you do is wonderful!

TL;DR: Can't feasibly thank all the people who favorite my work on your pages, so if you favorite my work, thank you thank you thank you! :hug: :huggle: :iconaawplz:


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