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Entry 271:

[Tucked into the page is a "get well soon" letter, with notes from the various ponies in Scootaloo's class. One name is absent from the card.

"I'm so, so sorry! I hope you are okay! - Sweetie Belle"

"Can't wait to have you back in class! Feel better! We miss you! - Apple Bloom"

"Please feel better, soon! I've been missing you, terribly. - Featherweight"

"Get well soon! Sorry you're feeling manky! We well miss you! - Pipsqueak"

"It's been a different class, without you. Heal up real quick! - Ocean Breeze"

"The whole class is terribly sorry you are unwell. We wish you a speedy recovery, and hope to see your smiling face again very soon! - Miss Cheerilee"

"I hope you're okay! - Twist"

"I hope you get to feeling better! We miss you! - Dinky"

"Get well soon! - Silver Spoon"

"I hope you get to feeling better real soon! - Snips"

"Yeah, real soon! - Snails"

"Sorry to hear you're in the hospital! Get well soon! - Chowder"

Among messages from other classmates.]

Well, it's safe to say we're not gemfinders. I'm in the hospital. I hate hospitals.

I tried to save Sweetie Belle from some falling rocks, and I guess I got hit. I don't remember anything after knocking Sweetie Belle out of the way. Mom is mad at me for doing something so dangerous without telling anypony. Dad is worried, but he doesn't seem as mad.

I hate hospitals, hate them, hate them, hate them!

Dad told me his story about how he got his cutie mark. It's not really anything fancy, but it's a sweet story. It's not the best, it's not as cool as Mom's.

Who am I kidding? I'd love to have a cutie mark like that, or any for that matter. I hate how long this is taking. I wonder how Mama, Papa, and Auntie Raincloud got their marks... I guess I'll never know that...

Dad has really cheered me up, I'm still stuck in here, but he's keeping my mind off things.

Entry 272:

[The writing seems jittery, and is spread out a bit. There are tear stains on the edge of the page.]

Nopony is here. I'm alone in this place. I hate hospitals. I HATE hospitals.

I can't find anypony. I feel like I'm the only pony in this place... It smells horrible, and I feel so lonely. I miss Mama, Papa and Auntie Raincloud...

Nurse Redcross had to help somepony down the hall, and had to step out when I woke up. She's here now, but I'm still trying to calm down. Dad had to go to work today. There was a break-in at the jewelry store!

Dad came back. He was pretty upset I woke up before he made it back. It's not his fault.

He spent the day talking about getting his cutie mark, about bullies, and about a friend of his. I didn't know about his friend... if something like that happened to Sweetie Belle or Apple Bloom, I don't know what I would do.

Featherweight came to visit again. Diamond Tiara apparently was making fun of me on the playground and got sent inside for recess. I guess Miss Cheerilee heard her say it 'serves me right' or something. Featherweight was happy she got in trouble, but he still seemed angry when he was telling me about it.

He said everypony else was happy to hear that I was okay. Pipsqueak told him to tell me hello. Apple Bloom had to go home to help get ready for a family reunion they have coming up, but she told Featherweight to wish me the best. Sweetie Belle kept acting upset at school, Featherweight said she still seems to blame herself. I'm gonna have to talk to her, whenever I get out of this stupid place.

I HATE hospitals. They cleaned my cuts. It hurt SO bad...

Featherweight had to head home, but Dad's been talking to me about how much he likes being in Ponyville, and how much he cares about me and Mom.

Entry 273:

I have to do some tests and then I get to go! I may be able to make it to school to talk to everypony!

They let me go! Dad just dropped me off at school. I still have a bunch of bandages, but Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom were so happy to see me! I surprised Featherweight and he gave me a big hug. I'm still a bit sore, but I'm happy to be with my friends again.

Miss Cheerilee said she was excited to see I was out of the hospital. She's not the only one. I don't want to go back there again, ever, if I can help it.

Pinkie Pie (of course) had a big party planned at Sugarcube Corner for me. Featherweight brought me there, and she had cakes and cookies and all kinds of goodies. I really liked all the treats, but I just want to rest and spend time with my friends.

After spending a little time at the party and listening to Pinkie Pie talk (and talk, and talk, and talk) about how excited she was that I was okay, Featherweight and I left and went to his house. Shutter Speed told me he was happy to see I was alright. He told me Featherweight has been keeping him updated. He would've visited, himself, but he has a big photo gallery going up in one of the galleries in town, and he has been busy setting it up. He took us to see it before it was open. There's a picture of me and Featherweight in there!

Shutter Speed told me he tried to visit me the day after I woke up, but by the time he was headed there, Featherweight was on the way back, and told him visiting hours had passed. It's okay. I'm just happy to be out of there.

Entry 274:

It's still kind of rough getting out of bed in the mornings. My shoulders and neck hurt the most. I'm sure it'll pass in time, just as long as I don't have to go back.

Sweetie Belle gave me a bunch of notes from the days I was gone. She told me she wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything so she took the best notes she possibly could. I told her she really needs to relax, she seemed to calm down, finally, but she's been so upset it's almost annoying. I wouldn't tell her that, though, that might just make it worse.

Apple Bloom said Babs is going to be back in town for the reunion! She said she may get to come see us before she leaves, but it depends on what happens during the reunion. I hope I get to see her, but if I don't, I can still write her. I wouldn't want to get in the way of their reunion, after all.

I wonder what it's like to have a family reunion. I'd love to meet my family again. It can't happen, but it's nice to think about. All the family I really knew is gone. I have a new family, though. I'll never forget my first family, but my new one is wonderful.

Featherweight and I offered to help finish up the gallery, since it opens tonight. All the pictures are up, now, and it looks really neat! Shutter Speed takes awesome photos! Cherry Tart, Ocean Breeze and his parents came to visit the gallery. They helped rent the gallery, and bought one of his pictures for their living room in Port Mane! Shutter Speed was so excited, Featherweight was happy, too. They don't really have a lot of money, so I can understand why it is such a big deal. I'm very happy for them.

Mom said once I get my bandages off I can start flying again. Dad says the doctors told him that it will be a couple of days, still, but that I should be okay to fly, soon.
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First Page

Gah! Writer's Block is awful! T^T Here is the next set of entries. *grumble*

Let's see who gets my joke. X3
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crystal4458 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Joke? What joke? D: I missed it! Shame on me D:
Wonderfully written, especially since you have writer's block. (I've got it, too D:) I'm glad that Scoots is finally out of the hospital.
The reunion episode should be fun to write a bit about, even if Apple Bloom can only tell Scoots about it.
Tails-155 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
) close parenthesis for OCD purposes.

I used Comic Sans MS BECAUSE I COULD! *evillaugh*

I have events planned, already. With no AB, the rest of the pallypals will have to get by together.
crystal4458 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
UGH. I can't believe I forgot a parenthesis! Shame on me.
Well, I really can't wait to see the future installments ^^ I hope that you get over your writer's block, if it's still in action!
Tails-155 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I THINK I've passed it. I have lots of ideas, but they're for far later dates than I am currently at. I just have to get through about two more weeks of entries.
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